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Why we do What we do: The Baesics of "Healthy Food"

Nutrition is the basis of food. However, over time we have forgotten this fundamental truth. Instead of food working for us, we are so influenced by the sensorial appeal of food that we have let that decide what we eat. This has resulted in chronic health conditions- some acute and some relatively less acute. The sad truth is the normalization of it.

Baésic Fit’s vision is to address this problem with first principles- get the world to eat what's right. This is simple- not easy, but simple.

What’s right? Or let’s go by the more colloquial term – What’s healthy?

The definition of healthy has been a little skewed. We see people using it at will to sell without actually understanding. Funnily enough- it seems to work as a sales strategy. How else would you explain parents feeding truck-loads of sugar to their kids under the pretext that it’s “branded healthy”

So I set out to first define this term for ourselves. This is what I concluded- health is a state. Just like happiness and peacefulness. Also, just like them- it is a choice and also means different things for different individuals.

Eureka!! So, what next?

An individual can be said to be a combination of what one is at present and what one aspires to be. Going by this logic- our definition of healthy food was to make food work for people so that food becomes a fuel to help them be in their best possible state.

Of course, there is a difference between what is healthy food and what is our definition of healthy food. After all, we are chefs and tasty food is not only our passion but our purpose as well.

We took some inspiration from some of the favourite dishes in general and then broke down the recipes to their core molecular level and re-looked at it from a nutrition perspective. Suddenly, terms like seasoning, flavour profiles, balancing, etc. were coupled with terms like macros, carbohydrates, proteins and calories. There were new cuisines that became the talk in our R&D kitchen. These were the diets. In all this, the objective was simple- every element of food being taken in has to serve a function for the individual which is more than just taste and look. If not, look harder for better more functional alternatives. This is how we defined it.

What does eating healthy mean for you?

It means that now you have a choice. You can now choose to have food which is adapted to your lifestyle and your aspirations. While you seek to achieve success and joy in life, we will do our bit in making sure that you get the food that helps you with it, without having to compromise on taste and favourites.

So, go ahead- Give it a shot. You would be surprised easy it is to be in a state of good health!


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